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Homily 1/21/18

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

Over the years as I’ve heard this passage of the calling of the first apostles by Jesus. I could always guess what the preacher would preach on. And you probably heard it before too. They would highlight the fact that these guys were dumb, unqualified, ungifted, rednecks if you ... Read More »

Homily 1/14/18

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

Why did God make me? Many of our older folk will recognize that question from the Old Baltimore Catechism. Why did God make me? God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.

... Read More »

Homily 1/8/18 - Epiphany

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

The Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord is what we celebrate today. It’s a big deal. Especially to Eastern Christians, those who come from the Christian traditions of the Middle East. In fact, they think of Epiphany as being a bigger deal, they celebrate it as being more ... Read More »

Homily 12/25/17 - Christmas

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

Christmas didn’t have to be perfect before Jesus came!

We just heard the genealogy of Jesus Christ. You thought it was long having to listen to it. Try having to read it! Now, it’s important that we do read the entire genealogy. As name after name is read, people ... Read More »

Homily 12/24/17

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

Today, our gospel recounts one of the most extraordinary conversations ever to take place.

The Angel Gabriel was sent from God to a virgin, whose name was Mary. And coming to her, he said, “Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you.” But she was greatly troubled at ... Read More »

Homily 12/17/17

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

Yes, I am wearing pink or rose. And it is important that I wear it. I will continually remind us that we are a Sacramental Church which is a fancy way for saying, “Stuff means something!” We are a sacramental Church meaning the objects we see, the things we ... Read More »

Homily 12/10/17

Posted by Amy Fox on 1/27/18

“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths!”

Today, our gospel places us in the time of John the Baptist. He is the voice of the one crying out in the desert: “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.” John is calling on the ... Read More »

Homily 12/3/17

Posted by Mrs. Amy Fox on 12/03/17

One of my favorite promotional lines is that of Caribou Coffee. They say, “Life is short, Stay awake for it!” First of all, a confession. I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee. Those that say they don’t need it. I mean they’ve either got to be an alien, ... Read More »

Homily 11/26/17

Posted by Mrs. Amy Fox on 12/03/17

Have you ever wondered what the letters above Jesus on the cross mean?

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews…Latin, Greek, Hebrew…

Jesus was and is the long awaited for King of the Jews!But we see early on in his life, he wasn’t to be only the King of ... Read More »

Homily 11/12/17

Posted by Mrs. Amy Fox on 11/12/17

How would you define the Kingdom of God? How would you define the Kingdom of God?...Well, it’s an unfair question because Jesus himself never gives us a definition of the Kingdom of God. Rather Jesus uses image after image, analogy, metaphor, parable after parable to describe, to paint a ... Read More »