Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mass Times

Friday, December 8th (Holy Day of Obligation)

9:00 am - St. Martin's / 8:00 am Adoration

5:30 pm - St. Mary's / no Adoration or confession prior, meal to follow Mass in the social hall


Additional Confession Times before Christmas

Sunday, December 10th @ 10 am - St. Martin's

Tuesday, December 19th @ 6 pm - St. Mary's




4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas Schedule

Sunday Obligation

Saturday, December 23 - 4 pm @ St. Martin's

Saturday, December 23 - 7 pm @ Holy Cross

Sunday, December 24 - 9 am @ St. Mary's

Christmas Obligation

Sunday, December 24 - 4 pm @ St. Martin's

Sunday, December 24 - 7 pm @ Holy Cross

Monday, December 25 - 9 am @ St. Mary's



Join thousands of Minnesotans for the MCCL March for Life!  As abortions increase and lawmakers enact extreme pro-abortion laws, help show elected officials and the public the precious value of every human life.  The event will feature an unforgettable visual commemoration of lives lost.  Learn more and get involved at mccl.org/march

March For Life

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We use a program called Flocknote to stay in touch with our Parishioners.  It is especially helpful with last minute Mass cancellations and other important announcements we want our Parishioners to receive.  Please text Eucharist55723 to 84576 to be added to our Parish contact list and stay informed with news from your local Parish and times of Live streams, etc...  


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  • St. Mary's - Cook
  • St. Martin's - Tower
  • Holy Cross - Orr
  • 1st Communion 2023
  • Confirmation 2023
  • Christmas 2022
  • Valleyfair 2022
  • Servers Appreciation Day 2022
  • Family Fun Day in Side Lake 2022
  • Family Fun Day in Side Lake 2022
  • The Religious Education students in the "Nativity" play

Electronic Giving

We accept online offerings.  Please click on your Parish below to get started.  Should you need assistance, please call your parish office.

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Resolution of Bankruptcy

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St. Mary, Cook

Mass Schedule
Sunday: 8:00 AM

Tuesday: 9:00 AM (Adoration - 8:00 AM)

Thursday: 9:00 AM (Adoration: 8:00 AM)

1st Friday Mass: 7:00 AM (no Holy Hour or confession prior)

1st Saturday Mass: 9:00 AM (No Holy Hour or confession prior)

30 minutes before Mass or by appointment

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St. Martin, Tower

Mass Schedule
Sunday: 10:30 AM

Monday: Adoration 2:00 - 8:00 PM

Wednesday: 9:00 AM (Adoration - 8:00 AM)

Friday: 9:00 AM (Adoration - 8:00 AM)

30 minutes before Mass or by appointment

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Holy Cross, Orr

Mass Schedule
Saturday: 5:00 PM

30 minutes before Mass or by appointment

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