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Homily 6-24-18

Posted by Amy Fox on 6/29/18

Today we celebrate the Nativity, the birth of St. John the Baptist. We only celebrate three birthdays during the liturgical year. Jesus’, Mary’s, and John the Baptist’s. It’s so important that it trumps an ordinary Sunday in Ordinary Time. So, John the Baptist is pretty important. He’s seen as ... Read More »

Homily 6-17-18

Posted by Amy Fox on 6/18/18

On this Father’s Day, I’d like to speak on men and their relation to the Church. We notice on any given Sunday, 75% of all Catholics are not at Mass. And most of them are men. Why have many Catholics fallen away from the practice of the faith and ... Read More »

Homily 6-10-18

Posted by Amy Fox on 6/18/18

Ordinary Time…the ordinary, and the special. The familiar and the new.The Year, The Week, Mass…Why would Adam and Eve ever have eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree? Well, believe it or not. It’s the same reason ‘we sin’. We don’t trust God. We believe that we will be ... Read More »

Homily 6-3-18

Posted by Amy Fox on 6/18/18

One of the great Catholic Traditions is the Eucharistic procession on the feast of Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Catholics do Eucharistic processions. But today since it is a bit wet out, you are off the hook. We won’t go outside. However, we will ... Read More »

Homily 5-27-18

Posted by Amy Fox on 6/18/18

Today we celebrate the highest dogma, the highest truth of our faith, the Most Holy Trinity. That God is three divine persons in one Divine nature. God is a dynamic exchange of life and love. God is a Communion of life and love.

And the Church gives us for ... Read More »